Held in Reding, North East of France near Strasbourg, the third round of the French nationals offered again some muddy racing! Everything started great on Saturday with a dry track after a few rounds of practice however the decision was made to cancel one round of practice in order to allow 4 rounds of qualifications to take place. The track was really technical with a big off-camber in which you had to keep the inside line or it would push you way outside! Reno Savoya managed to TQ the controlled practice, enjoying the feel of his car since the very beginning. As the track was still very smooth Reno opted for 4 stripes springs in the front to give less dive in the off-cambers. However as the track was getting bumpier, he went back to 3 stripes that gave him more grip and better stability over bumps.

XB9'13 wins French Nationals R3

Reno made a very clear and flawless Q1, but a loop problem forced them to race it again. With rain just before the race, unfortunately he chose the wrong tyre option and missed out on getting the TQ he previously had. Nonetheless he went on to TQ round 2 and 4, in perfectly dry conditions. With the best 2 rounds counting he qualified 2nd on equal points as Jerome Aigoin.

Sunday saw the finals take place in very muddy conditions with some cars weighing more than 6kgs after the 20 minutes of track time. However Reno was still confident with his car, tyres and engine which allowed him to still jump everything on the track and win the semi without any mistakes! After the semi, the rain was quite strong and the organizers took the decision, in accordance with the drivers, to stop the race. As the rulebook states, the classification should be made with the times of the semis which meant it was a great win for Reno and his XB9 2013! His set-up can be found here.


  1. Reno Savoya – XRAY XB9‘13
  2. Yannick Aigoin
  3. Jerome Aigoin
  4. Guillaume Hebert
  5. Nicolas Reynaud

XB9'13 wins French Nationals R3