This weekend the first round of the Czech Nationals took place in Horní Jelení. Unfortunately the forecast for the weekend was really bad, with rain all weekend long. Practice for both the electric and nitro classes were scheduled for Saturday however Martin Bayer completed only a few laps with his XB808E and decided not to participate in this class due to the track being flooded. Luckily the weather improved for Sunday which saw qualification start well for Martin, winning 3 out of the 4 runs. During the semi final Martin lead the race from start to finish with the scenario repeated for the finals. Overall it was a successful weekend for XRAY taking the whole podium and having 5 cars in the top ten.

XB9 wins Czech Championship R1

Final Results:

  1. Bayer Martin XRAY XB9‘13
  2. Zeman Lukáš XRAY XB9‘13
  3. Mára Jiří XRAY XB9‘13
  4. Kapička Tomas
  5. Hájek Karel
  6. Kapička Jan
  7. Sokolov Plamen
  8. Stieber Petr
  9. Gotzl Otto XRAY XB9‘13
  10. Kukla David XRAY XB9‘13

Martins set-up from the race can be found here.