Past & Present: Kanai’s 2000 Worlds MP7.5 & his current 2013 MP9


It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of one of our World Championship winning drivers – the iconic Yuichi Kanai!

Welcome Home Yuichi!

Everyone at RB is delighted with Yuichi’s choice – having one of the true pioneers in RC ‘come home’ is truly something special, we’re proud that Yuichi chose RB after extensively testing all the engines in the market, he went for RB – the power behind his most successful years. In the last couple of weeks Yuichi tested both the BX & the BXR engines, saying ‘he loved them!’ and that it was both a personal choice to return to RB but also the engine that came out on top in his personal tests.

Via RB Products | See Yuichi Kanai’s 2000 Worlds Car Gallery