On April 30th the Art Track in Long An Provence hosted the Vietnam annual Victory Day race. The day started off good for many of the participants with Phan Quang Vinh running away with first place while Nguyen Thien Truong battled back from 7th position in the final 10 minutes to secure second place and only three laps off the lead while Nguyen Hoang Nam fought off 4th place Tran Tan Quang to capture the 3rd spot. In the B series Nguyen Duc Thinh had a 2 lap lead to take 1st place followed by Nguyen Huy Phuong and Hoang Manh Tuan filling out the 3rd spot on the podium. The C series featured one of the more hotly contested races of the day where Vu Quoc Tuong with his OS powered Xray fought off Jerome Spies and his Fusion powered Xray eventually ending up with a 2 lap lead while Jerome took 2nd holding off 3rd place Tran Thanh Hung and his JP powered Kyosho. 

Vinh wins Vietnam Victory Day Race

Final A:

  1. Phan Quang Vinh / Xray – OS – AKA
  2. Nguyen Thien Truong / Mugen – OS – HB
  3. Nguyen Hoang Nam / Xray – OS – AKA

Vinh wins Vietnam Victory Day Race

Final B:

  1. Nguyen Duc Thinh / Xray – OS – AKA
  2. Nguyen Huy Phuong / Mugen – Alpha – AKA
  3. Hoang Manh Tuan / Mugen – Alpha – AKA

Vinh wins Vietnam Victory Day Race

Final C:

  1. Vu Quoc Tuong / Xray – OS – AKA
  2. Jerome / Xray – Fusion – ProLine
  3. Tran Thanh Hung / Kyosho – JP Gimar – AKA