This past weekend Revolution Raceway in Appleton, WI hosted a benefit race for one of Panther Tyres local racers, Matt Gerald. Matt was severely injured (broke his back) while racing his off-road buggy at the Red Bud MX track. Being a long time racer at the track, Revolution hosted a benefit to help him with his recovery. There were three full heats of 4×4 SCT which included Matt Gerald himself! The top three guys were the same all day long. Panther Tyres Jason Pietsch ended up qualifying 2nd going into the A-main.

Panther wins at Matt Gerald Benefit

Pietsch started 2nd to Warren Young one of the area’s most consistent racers. Pietsch was able to take the lead on the first lap when Warren made a mistake and flipped over. Due to the pack of trucks behind them, Pietsch used the opportunity to put some space between Young and himself. Pietsch had established a pretty decent lead by the time, catching up to back markers and started just pacing them to try and not get taken out. Pietsch had nearly lapped Young at this point and chose to play it safe and dial it back a bit. During the final minutes of the race, the race director had announced that Matt Gerald was closing the gap quickly, so he decided to start pushing forward. Finishing with a 21/5:10, which was the only 21 lap 4×4 SCT run of the day.