The Evora track in Southern Portugal hosted the 3rd round of the Portuguese 1/8 Offroad nationals this weekend, heading qualifying was XRAY’s Bruno Coelho – winner of round 2 at Guarda however the win would go to Rd 1 winner and 11x Portuguese Champion Miguel Matias. Matias mastered the challenging track, sporting difficult technical sections coupled with a high temperature and some dust he finished 14.3 seconds ahead of Coelho, Nuno Rebelo ended up a lap down from the leaders, but two laps up on 4th place Carlos Duraes.

The first minutes of the final were very competitive  with a change of lead each lap. Matias, Durães, Coelho and Rebelo all figured in P1, but after the first refuelling stop, Matias found himself a gap and managed it comfortably for the rest of the final.”