Each year in the United States there are an elite list of races that factory drivers attend fighting for the win. One of those races is the legendary Silver State Nitro Challenge. This year’s Pro Buggy and E-Buggy class victories belonged to one man. Starting out in the sport as a gas truck racing sensation over a decade ago, and has now become one of the nation’s fiercest competitors in almost any class, is the one and only Jared Tebo.
For this edition of “Talk-It-Out Tuesday” we have joined Mr. Tebo for a little chat about his recent Silver State success, upcoming races, and more!


LiveRC: Welcome to “Talk-It-Out Tuesday” Jared, let’s start off by talking about your recent E-Buggy and Pro Buggy wins at the Silver State Nitro Challenge. You didn’t TQ either class, but were clearly the man to beat in the mains. What sort of changes did you make between qualifying and the mains?
Jared: Thanks. Yeah qualifying was pretty up and down for me. I had one TQ run in all three classes, but as the track got rougher, I could not get another good run in. I made changes to all three cars for the finals. Mainly just suspension setup changes.

LiveRC: You definitely had the speed in Pro Truggy as well, however, in your words what kept you from the top step of the podium in that class?
Jared: HAHA….well in my own words, “it was all my fault”. My truck was really good and I had some great lines. I just got a little loose on the first lap coming onto the back straight and that started a 5 minute disaster game of pinball. It took me a while to get back in my groove, but then I was able to come back and almost catch Ryan. I was happy to come back to 2nd.

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