THEeCar is supposed to ship within the next few weeks, but regardless of that, the first few production kits have been impressing around the world, with Chris Marrale winning in USA, JQ winning the RedBull GP in Russia just last week, and now again, winning in dominating fashion with his LRP powered THEeCar in Germany. The annual Rhein Main Warm Up race is a great event, but everyone was really unlucky as the weather had been so good leading up to the event, but from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening, it was everything but that. Rain and cold, and it was looking like it would become a completely cancelled event.


Fortunately, Sunday turned out to be a decent day, and due to the covered track, and astroturf sections, the whole race was run on Sunday, in surprisingly good conditions! Only the first few heats were muddy, otherwise it was great! The electric race was run like the nitro, with 2 rounds of qualifying, semi finals, and a 12minute main final. In the end, JQ was able to win ahead of the TLR duo of Cordts and Käufler.


1. Joseph Quagraine –  JQ THEeCar – LRP, 2. Maximillian Cordts TLR, 3. Hannes Käufler TLR

Source: JQ Products