The final day of the BittyDesign ASIA contest ended with a splash, as part of the prize giving water pistols were given out to everyone and huge containers of ice water available for everyone to splash around and stage a massive Songkran (Waterfight), along with a plentiful supply of beer, why drink water when you can have beer, a real celebration of a race, having witnessed countless races since the start of the NeoBuggy website this has to been one if not the best climax.


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Rewind a bit and the semis in the open class saw Brit Michael Wright retire after looking very racy and a candidate for a win at least, TQ Cynthia Lye made the main but it was the SWORKz driver Charvin Thongprasert that would go onto win the superpole even as well as the 30 min final but a very big margin of two laps over Andy Try from Singapore and one of the friendliest racers we know – Cynthia Lye taking 3rd.


In the Pro class, Zac Ryan had a great semi final, whilst Charlee P, Ben Panic and Chatchai made it through to the main via the Last Chance Qualifier – an 18 car affair! Meen V had luck on his side in many ways as he broke a lower arm with a minute left, his car limped around before a marshall did the dignified thing and ended the cruelty – Meen made it though inside the top 6. The biggest casualty for the semis included P3 qualifier Robert Gustafsson and former onroad WC Kenji Osaka.


The 45 min final saw a couple of lead changes early on as Meen V, Wataru Takashiro, Hara and Witsarut R duked it out, early on Marcus Sandberg clung onto the leading drivers but issues for him saw him retire after only 23 mins, even worse luck for Thai driver Charlee P as he stopped out on track after 10 laps. Up front Atsushi Hara all of a sudden seemed to find half an extra gear and simply pulled away, Witsarut R running second at the time suffered problems an dropped back leaving Meen V and Takashiro to fight it out, memorably racing beautifully together for two laps, a coming together witnessed true sportsmanship as the 17 year old Takashiro waited for Meen’s car to be marshalled. All the while Hara at this stage had lapped P2 & P3 – he survived a moment’s scare as his car flamed out just after a pitstop, but Miura – ever the Samurai fired it up and Hara continued to dominate. A late flame out from Meen promoted TQ Takashiro to P2 and Zac Ryan finishing in P4.


An event that many will remember who were here, and one that we’d recommend quite a few to take note of how to make events more fun and enjoyable rather than strict and by the book of rules… We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our coverage partners and sponsors BittyDesign, RC Pro, Samart especially, Charlie & the PRC crew for their work and the event sponsors ProCircuit, JQ Products. ASIA Contest = FUN!


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