With these Competition Car Line hardcase LiPos, a completely new developed and stand-alone battery line is available for the various applications in competition. Divided into a spezial 1/10 line, 1/12 line and an all-round line, materials and cells were adapted to the different requirements. The result: a true Blue is Better product with maximum power output!

LRP LiPo Competition Hardcase LiPo's

For 1/10 racers, the 2S 7200 and 2S 7000 are the perfect choice. The 7200 is designed for maximum run time, the 7000 for maximum power. In combination with a rating of 100C/50C and 110C/55C there’s nothing left to be desired regarding 1/10 competition requirements. A special 1S LiPo for 1/12 drivers with 6900 milliampere hours, as well as an optimised Saddle Pack for 4WD offroad racing, a short SubC and 2S high-power all-round-LiPos that are also suitable for 1/8 models, top the line off. The battery type can now still be identified with the battery mounted in the car due to the sideways mounting of the label sticker. The usual fixing with battery tape also cannot harm the cool stickers anymore.