nitroluxAfter announcing his split from Merlin Fuel a few days ago, Modelix Racing – the company behind ProCircuit tyres,Ultimate Racing as well as Nitrolux fuel announced that as predicted the driver they’ve supported for most of his career would be ‘coming home’ and run their in-house produced ‘Luxury’ fuel.

The reason to switch to Nitrolux again is easy; since after the Worlds I started testing many different brands of fuel till I tested the new Energy formula from Nitrolux. This new Energy formula is the best fuel I’ve ever tested before. It provides high performance, high power, low consumption and a great stability. Besides, I like the idea to run as much products from Modelix as possible because of their great professionalism offering what drivers need to win races. I also like the idea to be involved with the product development and work close to the Modelix tech department.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Modelix and specially one of my mentors Marc Ibars for trusting and helping me during my entire career since I was 10 years old with their second to none products and support. My personal relation with Modelix started in 1999 when Modelix launched its Ultimate Racing and Ultimate Fuel brand which was renamed to Nitrolux Fuel in 2010. We both made an important step forward when I joined ProCircuit achieving the 2011 European Championship and the 2012 World Championship, and we have decided to make another big step forward joining Nitrolux again. I hope we can get the goals that we both want to achieve in the future.

robert batlle joins nitrolux

Modelix Racing has been manufacturing model engine fuel since 1999 under the prestigious brand of Ultimate Fuel. For commercial reasons, we decided to change the name in 2010 and that was when Nitrolux Fuel was created. Nitrolux is a brand of model engine fuel developed from the experience gained in the most demanding competitions. Recently we developed a new formula called Energy which we are very proud of with some revolutionary components never used before in RC.