Team Durango France made a great start to their domestic National campaign last weekend with multiple podium positions that included an overall 2WD win for the DEX210. Antoine Rossetti piloted his DEX210 buggy to a convincing first place finish, with his Team Durango colleague Alexis Dufau-cazenave supporting him in the main pack. Our French team drivers also gained a strong hold on the start of the seasons 4WD campaign with Antoine Rossetti again returning with a very pleasing performance from his DEX410v3 buggy. Finishing the day with a second overall in 4WD, Antoine has already stamped a very bold Team Durango mark on this high profile 2013 series of events.

Team Durango at French Nat Rd1

French National Series Round 1 -4WD Results

  1. Yannick Aigoin
  2. Antoine Rossetti -Team Durango DEX 410v3
  3. Armand Lantheaume
  4. Vincent Heligoin
  5. Alexis Dufau-cazenave – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
  6. Ludovic Valtier
  7. Alexandre Beauquier – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
  8. Lorenzo Crolla
  9. Sébastien Wartelle
  10. Stéphane Deroch
  11. Olivier de Montfumat
  12. Florent Jadot