Last weekend it was the final round of the Swedish VBC Cup which was arranged by Borås MRK. The main classes were 1/10 2WD and 4WD which were driven on indoor carpet. The cup took place over 6 rounds with 4 rounds counted. David had participated in 3 rounds and desired to drive the final as he still had a chance to take the total win in both classes. Saturday and it was time for the 2WD class in which David used his EOS setup on his Team Orion powered Kyosho RB6, the only change he made was the ride height. Qualifying was not so clean for David resulting in him securing 5th position in the A-main grid. However as normal David performs well under pressure and claimed the A2 and A3 finals and the overall win.

Ronnefalk wins Swedish Winter Buggy Cup

This result put David on equal points as the AE/Advanced driver Niclas Månsson and so the organizers decided to run a ‘death race’ used to separate the two drivers. After a couple of laps David took total control of the race and at the end of the 5 minutes he crossed the line by a ‘kimi lap’ which killed earlier lap times of the day and secured the overall 2WD victory for David.

Originally David used his EOS setup for 4WD on the Sunday however it didn’t really work on the smaller track when compared to the EOS event. Qualifying for David was the same as in 2WD, leaving him in 4th place on the A-Final grid. That being said he managed to claim second place overall which produced enough points to secure the 4wd class, fulfilling his goal of winning both classes even if he only drove 4 races and had to count all 4. Winning both classes he also becomes “Superchamp” of VBC 2012/2013.