Mains have come and gone at the Cactus Classic and what a long week it was. Kudos to the track owners and crew who put together an awesome track layout and some of the most consistent traction there has ever been. For me it was a bit of a disappointing week but there were some moments of good that can be taken away from it all. In 2WD SC my Durango DESC210R was a pretty solid top performer all week long. Running in the mid motor configuration on this high traction track I believe was a good advantage. I found just before the end of the mains what my biggest problem was of the week and that was I was running way to much Caster. This allowed the truck to not have enough steering but once I figured it out come A3 the truck turned much better and I feel with a slightly revised set-up that I could have finished even higher. As it was I would take a solid 3rd in both A1 and A2 to take the final podium spot come photo time on a podium full of Ryan’s.

Ryan Lutz reports from Cactus Classic

In 4WD SC I was a bit disappointed with my final result. This is a class I usually can do very well in and I showed good speed early in the week but come the qualifiers and mains I just began making to many mistakes and it cost me dearly. In Q1 I would finish 4th after early mistakes put me back. In Q2 I would finish even lower at 5th I think due to mistakes throughout. In Q3 I finally put it together again and was leading from early on as I took the lead on lap 1 and would hold the lead until about 2 laps to go when my wheel nut came off. So I had to settle for 5th overall where that Q3 incident cost me the final podium spot. Read more here.