Barely two months into the new layout, we’re pleased to announce that NeoBuggy will be branching into the minefield that is product reviews!

We’ll be approaching this tricky topic with the same journalistic honesty, style and flair as with any hot news story that might appear on the site however taking help from our own resident expert ‘Stig’ – offering his experience and opinion on whether something is great or rather more suited for the bin (US/ Trash)!

The guinea pig for our first foray into the uncharted land of reviews is XRAY’s XB9 buggy – we’ll take a look at the buggy over a series of articles. Any companies interested in having their products reviewed, contact for further details on how it works.


Introduction – the XB9

XRAY – a household name in 1/8 Offroad and considered by many one of the finest manufacturers of a model car, the team from Trencin, Slovakia can trace it’s roots back to 2004 when the released the original XB8 ‘Luxury’ buggy. It didn’t take long before Juraj Hudy’s racing creation found steered it’s way to the top of the class, thanks in part to former driver Yannick Aigoin – the combination ruled the 2006; Yannick winning the Euros in Ripoll, Spain – bad luck robbing the pairing of a Worlds title months later in Jakarta, Indonesia.


XRAY kept the XB8 lifespan going with TQ & EC editions celebrating prestigious race results, in early 2008 it was time for a bigger step as the XB808 was unveiled. XRAY stuck with the platform until 2011, updating it progressively year by year. September that year they completed the high calibre signing of 3x European Champion Reno Savoya, a move that would pay dividends as in December they debuted the new XB9 platform at the IBR Padova facility.


The subject of our review is the XB9 – a new platform that features, above all, new shocks and a new system called Multi-Flex, that allows an easy adjustment of the chassis flexibility by just adding or removing screws from the sideguards. Our new review team have built and tested one of these “Luxury buggys” to provide you a fair and complete review, stay tuned for the step by step review.