Robert Batlle meets the first ever  1/8 Buggy WC, Fredric Veysseyre

Over the weekend at the Montpellier, the organisers laid on a special surprise for everyone – a one off display of vintage restored Yankee cars from the 80s era of 1/8 Buggy, and if that wasn’t enough they tracked down the first ever 1/8 Buggy World Champion from 1986 – Fredric Veysseyre.

After his triumph in 1986 on home turf (Grenoble) France – where he took the win in front a very young Pedro de la Rosa – future star of Formula 1. Veysseyre would go on to feature in three further World Championship finals, taking the last podium spot whilst defending his title at the ’88 Worlds in Mantua, Italy finishing behind eventual two-time World Champion Maurizio Monesi.

Back on topic we quickly rounded up reigning Champion Robert Batlle for a ‘Vettel-esque’ photo opportunity of the first ever Champion, and Batlle the 13th 1/8 Buggy World Champion. Have a gander at the photos below of replica versions of the old Yankee cars and then check out this article with a load of vintage videos from the era.

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