Elliott Boots claimed Top qualifying honours after only two of the three qualifying rounds were run – he would have taken the third had it not been for a bad crash on his last lap – the British Worlds TQ once again showing he is arguably the fastest man and machine in the World right now, however an hour-long final and semi stands between him and P1 on the podium. Hoping to stop him and repeat success at Montpellier is Reno Savoya – who seems to have discovered his mojo (perhaps its the great wooly hat hes wearing) after a month with Orion and guru Adrien Bertin. Savoya went on to secure Q3 with Robert Batlle only a second off, the Spaniard as he always does stays out of the limelight during qualifying only seemingly unleashing his real final-winning pace when it counts. The major beneficiary of Q3 was Jerome Aigoin – recovering to a strong 4th after a rubbish Q1 where he said he drove bad, a strong 5th for Spaniard Bryan Baldo – and a not toobad 6th for Martin Bayer who is suffering a bad cold this weekend.

Montpellier Saturday Photos