Four rounds of practice on day 1 of the Montpellier Grand Prix did little to help separate the frontrunners – the organisers opting to not post any results nor reseed for Saturday’s three rounds of qualifiying, Yannick Aigoin set the fastest time of the day in the penultimate round of practice, turning nine laps in 5:28, Robert Batlle 8 secs further back. In the last timed round Elliott Boots impressed with the only driver able to do 9 laps (at least officially), the young Brit doing 9/5:33 – the last heat saw slower times as some drivers tested stuff whilst Reno Savoya found a great groove and probably would have gone quickest overall if it hadn’t been for the timing system to misplace his last lap – leaving him with 8/4:48.49, despite completing his last lap cleanly…

From this morning the track has improved steadily, with high traction areas on some corners, braking and acceleration zones now charred with black rubber laid down, grip has improved however the track still has a few tricky sections which was still catching out even the best drivers at the Montpellier GP – in particular the double towards the drivers stand after the slippery cement corner, it sends cars high whilst not forward much, the easiest mistake on track is to carry too much corner speed and simply understeer wide

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