New from Team Orion come the Vortex VST2 Pro electric brushless motors. Introduced just before the fair and already successful by winning the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions in the hands of Team Orion Factory driver Ryan Cavalieri just a week ago the motors are redesigned from the ground up and feature a new vented can design with dual sensor port endbell for more sensor routing possibilities and also speedo programming through the port, the motors sport pre-shaped heavy-duty solder tabs, better magnet efficiency, an extra thick connection ring for the copper winding and the motors come including a magnet removal tool for easy maintenance.

The motors are available in all popular windings from 3.5T to 9.5T, as special stock variant and also as ‘outlaw’ 4-pole variant. Additionally the VST2 Pro also comes as 4.5T to 7.5T 550-size 2-pole motor and 4000kv 4-pole variant. The motors include a special plastic part that optionally covers the solder tabs and that acts as a guide for the sensor wire if needed.

Story & photos: www.Area52.cc