WJQ Productshilst attending the 19th running of the Reedy Offroad Race of Champions, not only was lead founder/designer/driver/everything Joseph Quagraine racing with his prototype 4WD (which he managed to keep under wraps despite our bestest efforts) but he also showed off his 1/8th scale electric Buggy which is due for release in April 2013.

JQ let us in some of the key details of his newest addition to ‘THE’ lineup – THE electric Car is based on its noisier nitro cousin THE Yellow Edition, however similarities end once you delve ‘under the hood’ – featuring an internal layout which ensures lateral balanced weight distribution whether using two battery packs or one large 1/8th pack. The motor placement or rather the center diff is located very close to the rear differential with a very short dogbone to the rear gearbox and a very long gold anodized dogbone connecting the front – the thought process to offset the batteries forward location.

We’re told that the car will be available as a kit and a convesion kit from nitro to electric will also be sold via JQ Products retailers – lastly the car pictured sports a new steering option kit suitable for both nitro and electric that will be available from March; includes a new Ackermann plate and new shorter steering turnbuckles.


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