radiosistemiItaly, a nation with a rich motorsport heritage and the country that Radiosistemi calls home, for a couple of years now Radiosistemi has been off the top racing scene, however having signed up the talented Riccardo Rabitti as driver and chief designer, the fruits are starting to come as the company looks to recapture it’s glory days in 1/8 Offroad.

We briefly caught up with the man himself  at the helm of the brand relaunch and design of the new car, Riccardo published two CAD renders of the front and rear end of the new car, carefully avoiding to give anyway any specific details or a name. The passionate Italian let us know that the plan is to unveil the car at the Verona expo in Italy, the project is new from the ground up and brings Radiosistemi into the 21st century in terms of design & development, Riccardo went on to praise Sebastien Leonard who has been as much a part of this project from the start and a great help with the development.

One of the key factors ahead of the launch will be a very competitive price point, despite manufacturing entirely in Italy – unlike the majority of RC products which originate in China. In the meantime, enjoy and study the two renders below, click the thumbnails for larger versions.



radio2 radio1