Hello World!

We’d like to welcome you to the brand new version of! Thank you for your patience over the weekend (and the last couple of years even) as we worked to launch the new re-designed site. Last week the site celebrated it’s 10th anniversary

The biggest change aside from the design is the introduction of the individual news pages, each catering for a particular branch of Offroad – easily found in the ‘News’ item on the menu or the collapsible information bar at the top of the site, the most important news articles will be posted on the frontpage whilst more specialised interest posts will be posted on the relevant news page. See 1/8 Offroad | 1/10 Offroad & Short Course

For those who like to share their opinion we have a much improved comment system which combined with a news post’s traffic determines which articles are most popular at a given time. For our readers who perhaps don’t get a chance to visit NeoBuggy as often as they’d want to, we have the ‘Catch Up  page‘, the previous 7 and 30 days’ worth of news all collected on one easy to find page.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new depth and features of it, over the coming weeks we hope to showcase a few of the sections so you can discover what it has to offer. In the meantime we’ll let you have a roam around for yourselves! Despite significant testing if you do discover any glitches, problems or faults please do get in contact with us so we can fix them as soon as possible!