After the less conventional Who’s NOT here, we return to normal service covering the industry supporters who actually are here in South America, supporting their brand and products and factory drivers. The turn out from the manufacturers in the industry has been pretty good with healthy representation from the big brands especially of Europe and the US with a few Asian reps here as well.

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The ever charismatic Joseph Quagraine of JQ Products

OS Engines Representative Junichi Shimazaki
Pro-Line’s duo, Tim Clark & Daniel Adams

Roger & Marc from ProCircuit

Team Durango’s Gerd Strenge

Miura-san of HB / HPI, mechanic to Atsushi Hara

Novarossi’s Federico Sala and Racing Experience’s Bernard Durand

Dave Duggan of the Nemo Racing empire, Bullitt, Beta and Piranha

Andy Kramer of LRP, we hope his foot gets better soon!

Jason Ruona & John Piant of JConcepts

Adrien Bertin of Team Orion, CRF and nVision

XRAY’s main designer Juraj Hudy

Scott Yang of SWORKz

Mark Pavidis of AKA fame

John-Yves Ferte of Mugen Seiki Europe

Mugen Seiki Chief Designer & 1990 1/8 Buggy World Champion Koji Sanada

Team manager for TLR, Kevin Gahan sporting his trademark Shaun White Oakleys

Kendall Bennet & Marty Korn of A Main Hobbies

Brent Thielke helping his Associated boys out

The timeless British team manager Alan Dell sporting quite the hat

RC royalty David Spashett, spannering for the TLR team

Kris Moore of Mugen Seiki Racing USA

Worlds veteran Mike Cradock, here part of the pitting team for young Mr Elliott Boots

And of course, the Godfather of the 1/8 Buggy class, Kyosho’s Yuichi Kanai