The annual Kyosho Fall Classic race at Revelation saw Kyosho protege David Ronnefalk make a guest appearance, spending time out in California getting ready for the World Championships in a month’s time, the young Swede excelled and TQ’d and would end up finishing 2nd in the final to the HB of Jesse Robbers with reigning World Champion Cody King in 3rd. The final saw Ronnefalk crash on the first lap and drop to last, however a spirited drive saw him reclaim the top spot but for a couple mistakes allowing Robbers to snatch victory. Drew Moller would finish 4th a lap down from the leaders and Cody Smith 5th followed by Barry Baker, Josh Wheeler, Shaun Kirkman, Cody Turner, Sean Gaffney, Colin Herzig, Mark Pavidis and Mason Elliott rounding out the final.