We first previewed SWORKz’ Power Steering Package at the Euros when team drivers Dani Bernabe & Edouard Hugon were running it, we later saw it again at the FEMCA Asian Championships. We caught up with company boss Scott Yang who enthused that the feedback from drivers had been great and that they hope to introduce it very shortly. SWORKz sent us the following update preview detailing what the ‘PSP’ includes.

The latest SWORKz S350 Series Power Steering package (PSP for short) option parts includ the new redesigned radio tray, new front lower suspension arms and also a new concept design steering akermann plate with carbon steering knuckle attachments. This option package is not only for a better balance but also makes the S350 buggy faster and easier to drive. SWORKz say with their new optional ‘Falcone’ body shell, your BK1 will be next level.
See www.SWORKz.com