Due to a lower than expected entry, the organisers took the decision to shorten the Worlds warm up event by a day, ending it on Saturday rather than Sunday, this allowed all travelling drivers to spend an additional full day testing and practicing. Reading too much into test sessions is notoriously common, we’ve tried to put together a short summary of what we noticed today.

First off the track is slower, with the thousands of laps worth of pounding taking it’s toll on specific sections of the track in particular the left hand elevated sweeper, already by the finals this section of the track was getting bumpier, come Sunday the bumps are even deeper upsetting the cars just before the double dropdown. Click Read More to Continue

Team Associated are testing a number of different layouts and placements under the hood, we were asked not to photograph this as its still very much in testing infancy.

Hot Bodies is a team that have been trying out a few different things, Hara opting to run a testing body thoughout the event, he ended up not making the main having gear issues. During testing on Sunday however he did break out a pretty distinctive looking body on the D8 ’12, it was short lived however as he quickly reverted to the original body.

At one point we saw HB team mate Jesse Robbers trying out HB’s ‘other buggy’, the CR8, he didn’t race it during the event but perhaps broke it out to see how it handled the rough conditions. It must be said that all of the teams and drivers present are here to test and practice, and don’t really want to give away any details of test plans, what they’re trying and progress.

Looking at some of the laptimes through the day, Serpent’s Billy Easton impressed with a good 43 sec lap, most fastest laptimes are now in the mid 44 secs, with Robbers, Ronnefalk & Tebo achieving that, the chasing pack a few 10ths or so off that ultimate laptime. Yesterday’s winner Robert Batlle completed 55 laps during the early session with a best lap of 44.67 on his 31st lap. Defending Champion Cody King was getting to grips with various setups of his car, at one point trying out one of David Ronnefalk’s bodies. We noticed that Gil Losi Jr of AKA was on hand working with Ronnefalk quite a lot during the day, cutting foams discussing setup and handling with Adrien Bertin and David’s father Pierre.