A month ago, BittyDesign attended the Euros in Fehring, Austria complete with their unique ‘lounge’ setup, a vibrant young company with a slightly different way of thinking, their presence at the Euros coincided with the company’s six-year anniversary – founded August 2006 by the Rabitti brothers in Italy.

BittyDesign started out focusing only on paintjobs for all classes of rc bodies, offering new styles and designs – the popularity took off within Italy, and soon the products were finding their way further afield. The first big step for the firm was the introduction of the ‘Fighter’ line of 1/8 buggy bodies, BittyDesign entering the market as a new player – again the product turned out to be very popular, this time all over Europe, the image changing from a paintworks company to a fully fledged accessories producer to rival US-based body makers. This direction led them to reinvent the line of bodies at the end of 2010 with BittyDesign’s take on the ‘cab forward’ trend – the ‘FORCE’ was born. The FORCE line is well known worldwide and helped to expand the company’s reach in a competitive world market. In 2011 team driver Robert Batlle handed BittyDesign their biggest racing achievement to date, a European title – using the body that is now standard with a Mugen kit. BittyDesign’s company philosophy is relfected in it’s own race ‘The Contest’ – taking inspiration from supercross and superbikes, moulding an RC race how they would want it, creating the SuperPole and LCQ highlights making it an international success.

Today BittyDesign is still a young company, but known worldwide with customers on five continents, with popularity comes imitation, whilst it may be flattering, ideas and concepts from painting, body design and The Contest have filtered into many other aspects of products and events. “Imitation for us mean great satisfaction, it mean that you re doing things in the right direction and this is what give us the motivation to go ahead always trying offer new high quality products for radio control enthusiasts. Lot of things, products and big projects in our plans for the future, always try differenciate from competitors with our famous italian style.
See www.BittyDesign.net