Day one of The Italian Job Race got underway with some threatening clouds eventually arriving with a few drops of rain after two rounds of practice had been run. One round of (the 4) 7 minute qualifying was due to be run towards the evening, however the wetness really arrived and soaked the track and everyone, the day ended earlier than expected. Nonetheless, speaking with drivers there is absolute universal praise for the track which is very hard packed, smooth and in perfect condition for the race, Diego Fuser and his Dirt Race crew of helpers including Mr Maugrafix & Evlin have delivered a great track, shame that the Italian weather has jetted off and been replaced with typical British weather… The usual suspects looked quick with Boots setting the pace in round 1, former European Champion Robert Batlle looked quick despite missing first practice; a previous winner here when the Bitty Contest was run at Asti last year, Reno Savoya also looked quick, the Shark clearly at home in these waters… Ronnefalk in P2 looked a bit out of sorts, opting to test a totally different setup the Euros runner up is likely to return to a standard safe setup, speaking of the Euros, current Champion Darren Bloomfield is nowhere to be seen – we heard for some it was a longer journey than others as Brit Lee Martin & pit man Tom Cockerill, departed after but arrived long before Elliott Boots & the Cradock entourage arrived; a 9 hour delay rather dampening they’re start to the weekend. We’ll hopefully have more for you tomorrow in the form of videos & photos, special thanks to Alpha RC our very kind coverage sponsors for this event.