Electric Boots – Rd 2 EL Buggy Nat report
This was the second round of the electric 1/8th Championship which we attended from this 4 round series. Elliott running the new MP9E powered by the LRP electronic equipment. We were heading down to the Kent Club near Maidstone. This was a nice small compact track, set in the picturesque Kent countryside. The track is all dirt with a series of quad jumps covered in astro, with some nice features on the track. The weather was dry, which was surprising, with the forecast of rain.

We headed into qualification with 2 to count from 4 rounds. We set up the MP9E, very similar to our MP9 TKI3, except we make a few minor adjustments with centre differential, oil, running at 10,000 cst. Elliott loves driving this car. He finds it very similar to his MP9 TKI3 except with a lot more power so you have to manage your racing a lot more so you can carry the run time without losing performance of the car. Elliott TQ’d 3 of the 4 rounds, setting fastest laps throughout, which put him on pole position for the Main A Final.

Elliott sitting in pole position set off in the A Final with some very fast laps, taking the lead. Unfortunately made a small bobble on the first turn where he dropped to third place but being a 15 minute final he knew he had to be careful on how he drove the car as battery capacity is all important, he knew he had to be smooth, not too aggressive and manage his final.

He took the lead within half a lap and was pulling away from second place, Simon Willetts with his Team Orion Power, and was able to drive some very fast smooth laps and without any problems at all drove a faultless final, bringing home the MP9E to its first UK National win with Mike Cradock finishing in 4th place with his MP9 and Team Orion Power, not far behind 3rd. All in all a great days’ racing.
Report via Kyosho Europe