World Champ Cody King was one of many drivers making the trip to Sweet Home Alabama, he writes as follows. Well, with the upcoming ROAR Nationals looming near the end of June, Cody and Paul packed up the RC stuff and headed out to the Alabama Manufacturer’s Shootout in Cullman Alabama to get some race pace action. This event was 3 rounds of qualifying, 45 minute A mains, and 600 entries all packed into 3 days!

It was easy to get plenty of practice with the open format. They were providing 8 minute practice sessions only taking a break from nitro for short course practice. Later in in the day the sessions were cut to 5 minutes, and most of the top guys chose to cut it off early and prep for qualifying on Friday. Getting the set-up dialed in would be tricky, as it appeared the traction would pick up and the surface might hold together. With the high speeds and big berm, stiffening the suspension would seem like a good idea. This however would prove to be a bad move, as the track did break up a bit and get slippery as qualifying started. One guy who left his set-up alone and ran soft settings was Maifield, and he TQd both classes.

In the Truggy class, Cody was really fast through qualifying. He collected 2 points in each of the first two rounds, and 3 points in round 3, only .8 seconds off the TQ mark. One less wiggle and he would have captured TQ for round 3. He really needed to at least TQ one round to have a shot at TQ considering the point scenario. Tebo, Mailfield, and Drake had each scored a zero, which ratcheted Cody down to 4th position on the starting grid. Tough luck considering his consistency and lap times.
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