The new AVID carbon fiber hub towers are a great upgrade for any Associated racer running blue aluminum rear hubs on their B4.1, B44.1, T4.1 or SC10. The AV1013 Carbon Fiber Hub Towers fit the aluminum rear hubs (#9864, #9865, #9866, #9867) and contain the standard setup locations used on the “A” and “C” towers. Typically the 2mm lower rear link position is used on the B4 rear for smooth indoor tracks. It is also commonly used on the T4 for all conditions.
• 2-in-1 High and Low Outer pivot locations: Without changing parts, racers can run the standard kit upper link location “A” tower, or try dropping the outer pivot height 2mm with a ground rear u-brace like the “C” tower. Both adjustments are included on the same part!
• Lightweight 2.5mm carbon fiber composite. 1.6 g per pair
• Additional buggy wheel clearance compared to molded plastic hub towers
• 3/16” aluminum locking nuts included.
• Each package includes 1 pair hub towers, 2 x 3/16” aluminum nuts, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.