XRAY’s Reno Savoya reports from a rather damp Euro warm up last weekend. April and now the offroad season is fully on! This time about 100 drivers travelled to Fehring, Austria, in order to get ready as much as possible for this summer European championship. Many Xray drivers attended the race, and Chief engineer Juraj Hudy himself was also here to assist Xray drivers and customers.

On my side, it was my second time in Austria, last time was in 2009 for the Euros, my 2nd title, so I have very good souvenirs!

Everything started great as I set the TQ time in the first practice! Then I tested different tires with a harder compound for P2 and they were too hard for the track conditions. As the track was pretty grippy and super high speed will long straight and high speed corners, I directly changed my basic set-up to :

– 14T clutch bell
– Thicker sway bars (From 2,2 and 2,4 to 2,3 and 2,6)
– Thicker diffs (From 5-7-3 to 10-10-5)
– Fully lay down the shocks for maximum traction and corner speed.
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