Going into the Euro warm up, few would have picked Elliott Boots to TQ, not for lack of talent or speed – he should rightfully be considered amongst the top 5 current Euro elite but he’s firmly announced his intentions going into tomorrow’s final and looking ahead to August’s Championships. Whilst it was Reno Savoya who took Q1, Boots deserves his place at the top of the pile with a very consistent performance across the four rounds – he’s usually better known for banzai speed and flirting on the edges of grip. In Q2 Boots stepped it up and despite a slight confusion between himself and P2 Batlle he rightfully retained TQ in Q2, perhaps spurred on by doubters or simply high on confidence Elliott took to the track and went half a second quicker handing him two TQs, Q3 2nd going to Savoya and 3rd to Ronnefalk who blossomed late on and would go on to steal a bit of the spotlight as he set the fastest qualifying run by just under 2/10ths from Elliott. Whilst the top 3 is occupied by the teens Boots & Ronnefalk, the older boys are represented (dare we include 25 year old Savoya there?!) by Davide Tortorici in 4th, and 5th going to Robert – fastest in practice but always with an eye on the end-game. Further down the semi finalists, team Austria have 3 drivers who will be hoping to make the show; Karner, Bauer and Mayr, in 16th JQ gets the last spot in the semis, edging out former JQ driver Christoffer Svensson, the big name to miss the semi cut so far is Martin Bayer, the Czech appearing to struggle a bit although he did improve by Q4 but with the times super close a 10th here and there costs you places. Link to Quali ranking