Defending Champion Robert Batlle underlined he’s the man to beat as he set a scorching pace in round 2 of timed practice on day 1 of the Euro warm up in Fehring, Austria. Whilst Batlle was the only man to go 9 laps in the 5 mins – finding and additional half a second worth of pace in his Mugen/Novarossi/ProCircuit combo from practice round 1 to 2. Despite the majority of runners finding the track got slower in P2. He cut it fine though, crossing the loop at the end of lap 8 on 4:59.949, a slim 51/100ths before time expired, people always say the margins in racing are fine… Anyhow, Savoya set the pace in round 1 just edging out Yannick Aigoin who is showing potential for a solid weekend early on in his career with the Associated car. Fellow AE runner Neil Cragg was 2nd fastest in round 2 and looks consistent going into qualifying, last year’s 3rd place Euros finisher Daniel Reckward completes the top 5 and looks at home in the dusty Fehring conditions. We’re hearing from some of the drivers that tyre wear is very high, with a single run rendering a set ‘done’ – according to a few reports some drivers in higher up the ranking opted to go out this early on used sets in order to conserve tyres for qualifying and finals. Full practice results