Questions questions questions, but sadly no official answers just yet, just a few clues, will there be a warm up? Is the track built ? Will it even be in Argentina ?

Its been 8 months since Argentina got the nod ahead of Brazil as Worlds hosts and the dates were announced, traditionally host websites appear, photos of possible tracks surface and industry insiders plan how they’re going to win. Not in 2012 it seems, with 8 months to go there seems hardly time to announce a warm up – originally there wasn’t supposed to be one, then rumours surfaced of a potential July race at a temporary track.

A Warm up: To be or not to be ?
The lack of information is unsettling and unusual in today’s globalised RC Racing industry. With no facts floating around speculation begins to take root and what starts out as mere hearsay turns into strong rumours. The blocs and federations involved; IFMAR the worldwide body, FAMAR the S.American bloc and AAPARTT the Argentinian federation have not said a word on the subject since August last year. The latest we have heard is of a potential warm up race at the end of September, however even this info is uncertain with the general industry feeling that drivers, companies etc would prefer to spend the cash and focus their efforts on the main Worlds event and skip an expensive warm up, saving costs for a race that serves little purpose bar a small amount of practice. The latest we hear from our sources indicate that the track (a completely new one) will be built inside a public park; Parque Sarmiento in Buenos Aires a 70 acre park with sporting facilities already in place