We’re pleased to announce the four title sponsors of Neo12 [April 6-9th] – AKA, A Main Hobbies, Bullitt and Savox, we’d like to take a moment to introduce them whilst also thanking them along with all our sponsors for their support & confidence in the event. For more info see www.TheNeoRace.com

AKA, a relative new arrival, small by some comparisons but a company which has racing running through it’s veins. Starting out under Kyosho’s wing the AKA trio of Mark Pavidis, Gil Losi Jr. & Joel Johnson soon had the company starting to make waves in RC. Viewed by many as one of the most forward-seeing trendsetters in terms of design and innovation, payback came in the form of their first World Championship title coming at 2010 Worlds in Thailand. In 1/8 Offroad the tyre war used to be very much a European affair, but with the likes of competitors Pro-Line & JConcepts emerging along with AKA – tyre development is now a North American affair. AKA are two time winners of the Neo race, taking the title both times with Jared Tebo @ Neo09 & Neo11.

Founded in 2004 under humble beginnings, the company is one of the most respected success stories in all of RC – Growing from a two car garage ‘office’ to a 52,000 sq ft warehouse with 63 full time staff, it echoes the start up story of one Apple Computer… Amongst A Main’s many successes is the staggering 190,000+ repeat customers stat along with being awarded 5 consecutive Bizrate Circle of Excellence awards. Do we need to introduce them anymore ?!

BULLITT is the brainchild of successful UK racer Jon Hazlewood. Jon had wanted to have his own engine brand for many years and with the formation of NEMO Racing, a distribution company selling the Agama brand in UK & France, finally he had the vehicle to bring the brand to market. Only months after Nemo arrived, the BULLITT B-218 engine came to market, a year on and the BULLITT brand goes from strength to strength, a second engine, the B-216 joined the range with a BULLITT branded pipe set due to arrive shortly we hear. The company shares the same principles as the rest of the NEMO family of products; bring quality products to customers at a great price, and provide ‘hands on’ support to the customers trackside. The NEMO trio of Jon, Jerome Sartel and Dave Duggan can be found out and about almost every weekend supporting their customers and helping them get the best from their products.

SAVÖX started out producing servos for the heli market, they turned their attention to cars around 3 years ago releasing the first series of SC-125xTG servos which proved very popular. It wasn’t long before they began pushing forward and developed new steel gears that are now the new standard for their car servos. Renowned for their near-indestructible nature and still being very quick, the new SC-1267SG and SC-1268SG are not only capable of running directly with a LiPo battery w/o the need of a regulator, but are very affordable compared to the competition’s products. SAVÖX delivers high-end quality and performance for everybody’s budget. Going into 2012, SAVÖX announced new motors and a new ESC for the 1/10th cars, all developed and tested in-house. . With a global team SAVÖX gathers feedback directly from their drivers testing the servos on many different types of track, this gives racers what they ask for: Extremely durable, strong, quick and affordable servos for every class there is in r/c racing.