In Carlos Gomez’s (European 1/8 Buggy Section Chairman for EFRA) letter published today he mentions the possibility of a ‘Worlds warm up’ event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since the original news of Argentina hosting broke late last summer, it was understood that IFMAR (the global governing body) was pushing for there to be no warm up – i.e. no or as little opportunity to test and practice on the layout prior to the actual World Championships. Leading up to the last Worlds in Thailand, several larger teams sent drivers a month early to test and practice as much as they could – in the end this controversy somewhat overshadowed the main event – something IFMAR are keen to avoid next time round.

Thus the news of a potential warm up comes as a surprise, “meanwhile, during the European summer, is expected to be a Warm-up race for the Buenos Aires IFMAR World Championships dates are not closed yet, I will inform you of those, but up to know nothing is firm.” – Carlos Gomez. Will there be a warm up ? Will the teams send the troops south to Buenos Aires despite the short notice ?