After exclusively revealing the news of Josh Alton’s departure from Hot Bodies, LiveRC got in touch with HB driver Jesse Robbers who was rumoured to be moving west to California now assuming a fulltime design position at HB.

LRC: Jesse, What brought about the big move to California?
 I’ve thought about it for a long time now, and it worked out well to further my involvement as a racer with the major tracks out here as well as work directly with other engineers and designers on projects to simplify the process of designing and engineering.

LRC: What are your thoughts on Josh Alton’s leaving HotBodies? You two were always pretty close.
 There’s no connection between him leaving and me coming on full-time, that was just a coincidence. I was pretty bummed to hear about him leaving because we are good friends and work well together. He was always my pit man as well. I was looking forward to testing and developing with him. He was a big help to me in the past few years with not only racing but design stuff as well.

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