The past weekend was held in Rosario city, Argentina, the The truggy Nationals. One leg win or loose. Almost thirty drivers made the trip to race the event. Not so many as expected but the best were there to compete. After the quali, two 30 minute semis were raced and then the 1 hour final. The tq after the semis was to Lucas Pons ( Losi, Nova, Aka ) second Agustin Cutini ( Mugen, Nova, Aka ) and third Adrian Castro ( Xray, Nova, Aka ). The final started and Adrian Castro took the lead followed by Emilio Jurado and Lucas Pons closely. After the first refuel the order stayed the same with a gap of 10 seconds from Adrian to Emilio due to traffic and little mistakes from the second. Close to the second refuel Emilio cut the difference some seconds and all indicated that the fight will be between these two and would be fun to watch. Unfortunatelly close to the 18 minute a loose lower arm took Adrian from the lead and from the race. Now Emilio was first with Lucas Pons pushing hard and closing in but again fate took his place and a broken rear diff left Lucas out of the race. Now the deal was between Emilio Jurado in first and Agustin Cutini in second. Emilio did a perfect race after this and secured the Champiomship with almost a lap ahead of second place Agustin. A well deserved Champion after a very tough race and track. Third came former Champion Sebastian Recio. Emilio looked good all year long and closed 2011 with great shape looking forward to the buggy worlds next year.

Final podium:

1. Emilio Jurado ( Mugen, Ninja, Aka )
2. Agustin Cutini ( Mugen, Novarossi, Aka )
3. Sebastian Recio ( Mugen, Novarossi, Aka )