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The Japanese JMRCA 1/10th off road Nats were held this weekend at the recently renovated Yatabe Arena in Chiba, Japan, about 30 miles West of Tokyo. The Yatabe Arena is a top notch r/c facility which hosted 2 Worlds (1995 electric off road, 2000 electric on-road).

The new building now features 3 permanent on-road tracks (1 for Drift, 1 carpet track for beginner, and a brand new carpet layout on the 3rd track, where the 2000 Worlds took place) The off-road track is in a separate building. Track is made of clay, not watered. As usual at the Yatabe Arena, the layout is very much American style. 4WD would run clockwise and 2WD counter-clockwise. Spec tires (Panther are in use).
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Matsukura leads the pack in A1

2WD A1
Naoto made best use of his TQ to lead the pack at the start, but rolled over later on, allowing Kyosho driver Akimoto to get by. The two battled for a few laps until they tangled over the table top before the main back straight, giving back the lead to Naoto, but could not pull away and eventually won Leg one by only 0,6s over Akimoto. Adachi also on Kyosho taking 3rd.

Akimoto & Matsukura tangle in A1

2WD A2
Again, Naoto used the advantage of starting P1,but not for long. He got hooked on a pipe in the twisty section in front of driver stand and lost a lot of time as the marshal was not able to get to his car as the rest of the pack was going through that very section. That gave 2nd place qualifier a good main straight’s worth of breathing space. It looked like the Championship would be decided in the 3rd and final A-main, but Naoto fought his way back to the front and finally took over the lead from Kyosho’s Akimoto to take the win, handing Yokomo’s B-max2 first ever National Championship. Not bad for a first showing!

2WD A3
Naoto chose to race despite already being Champion. He had a slow response at the start buzzer, letting Kyosho driver go by and Yatabe’s manager Hiroshi Suzuki with his B4. The first lap got very messy, Suzuki and Nakamoto tangled and Naoto retook the lead, then went into cruise-control and won the 3rd leg, almost lapping the whole field. Tamiya driver Maezumi inherited the 2nd place and held it until the finish line.
Akimoto and Suzuki battled most of the main for 3rd place until Akimoto lost it, crashing many times in the last minute of the race, handing 3rd to Suzuki.

4WD A1
Naoto and Adachi both made good starts, quickly pulling out of the rest of the field. The Kyosho car seemed to go round the twisty section very well, but not well enough to fight against Naoto’s magical finger control. The young yokomo driver quickly built a gap to Adachi, and never looked back. Naoto won leg 1 by 7 seconds over Adachi and young 15 year old Yokomo hopeful Keisuke Enomoto taking 3rd.

4WD A2
A pretty un-eventful race. Naoto pulled away, quickly building a huge gap over 2nd place Adachi and 3rd place Keisuke. The top 3 will remain in that order for the rest of main, meaning after clinching the 2WD title earlier in the day he backed it up with a 4WD victory.

4WD A3
As in 2WD Naoto again opted to race the final leg, although he crashed and in the pile up, Kyosho veteran Sanpei emerged as the leader in the lead. Although Naoto made few more mistakes, he still managed to catch Sanpei, and eventualy took the win, Sanpei 2nd and kyosho team-mate Adachi 3rd. Naoto taking wins in all 6 A-mains of the day having TQed both classes the days before. A pretty resounding victory for the Yokomo driver.

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