After a heroic showing at the Worlds in Thailand just less than a year ago track designer star Levi Jackson has announced that his deal driving for Agama has come to an end, in his own words he is looking forward to the next chapter.

I would like to thank everyone at Agama, Andy Smolnik and Gene Hickerson for giving me the opportunity to run for such a great company, the past year and half has been a great learning experience for myself, being apart of a new company and helping get to the point they are at today. I was very grateful to be apart of such an awesome team and work with them. But with that said, I think it is time to go our separate ways. I wish everyone at Agama the best of luck in the future, they have a good group of guys and they are committed to making one of the top cars on the market. Now onto the next chapter!

Image: John Cary