Some of our viewers (blessed with younger brains) may recall we held a little survey a couple of weeks ago, you kindly and objectively answered in your thousands and we’re pleased to present to you a few of the results & responses. Take from it what you will, although there are a few interesting points to consider.

Q: Which RC Car brand is the coolest & why?
A very open and quite unscientific question, what defines ‘cool’ nonetheless provoked some interesting responses, here are a few…
– “I think JQ is the coolest brand because they connect with their racers and have, good branding and create products that are innovative and what people want”, ”
– Team Losi is coolest by far. They are always making innovations in the industry, making awesome products for people of all ages and skill levels.
– “Xray because their quality”
– “Durango because it is the most innovative”
– “Well obviously it’s Kyosho, just look at what it cost to be able to hang out with those cool kids!”
– “Serpent. Best name.”
– “Difficult question. I like my Losi a lot but have to say that the new cars (like Durango and JQ) look pretty cool. However they have to proove their value”
– “Associated,best drivers and more involved in full size offroad”
– “JQ. cool wear, cool graphics. Advertising, video….are genious! hat is cool, stikers are cool”

The likes of Losi/TLR, Team Associated, JQ, Team Durango & Kyosho all featured quite heavily in this department, JQ praised for their marketing ability & brand, Team Durango for innovation, Losi/TLR good brand & support, Associated’s racing history & Kyosho for quality.

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Q: Which RC Car brand has the best support & help ?
A question heavily dependent on location but showed up a few trends.
– “Probably XRAY – they have a great community powered by their forum and also have a great setup sheet sharing system.”
– “Team Losi has the best support in the states. Easy to get part no matter where you go.”
– “Agama. Nemo Racing in the UK are very approachable and willing to help”
– “TLR again due to the drivers having Q&A sessions on their websites/forums to help drivers of all ages and ability”
– “Kyosho america is on top of its game with support”
– “I would say AE, always many people willing to help and share tips and set-ups.”
– “well in czech republic probably kyosho, really depends on where you race”
– “equal between TLR and AE – great support for their products both online and via telephone”

Once again Losi/Horizon & Associated featured heavily amongst many N.American viewers, Mugen faired quite well in both US & European markets, Kyosho had a few mentions in Germany & N.America and Nemo Racing/Agama were a popular choice in UK & France.

Q: What kind of support should the companies provide at races, in order to make it more enjoyable?
– “Spares and advice. I guess this is obvious, but if you can aren’t able to get hold of a spare it can ruin your day. Advice from other drivers is also very valuable.”
– “set up/tuning help , parts support and general hints and tips on improving driving”
– “free food”
– “Team Drivers” need to be more professional. They need to treat people how they expect to be treated. Supplying a racer with a 5 dollar part that is unavailable at the time (out of stock) will go a long way.”
– “I would like to see the Team Managers scouring the Pits more offering help to the sportsman drivers.”

The majority of answers pointed to a few key points, part support, driving & setup advice, approachable team drivers and feeling ‘part of the team’.

Q: Which RC Car brand has the best looking logo ?
An overwhelming result for JQ Products with 36.5% of the voters choosing the ‘JQ eagle’ logo as the best looking one.

Q: Which of the new RC Car brands do you think is now the strongest ? 
A close run affair between Agama & Team Durango, despite the departure of three team drivers just days before the survey came out.

Q: Which RC Car company has the coolest clothes & apparel ?
A bit of a popularity contest question, but looking good whilst driving your RC Car is surely one of the highest priorities for any budding RC Pro ?

– “Durango – Their stuff just looks cool and I like stars
– “Kyosho. Simple but stands out. Red with white letters. Next is AE. Looks professional.
– “Kyosho with their red branding are morst recognizable. Coolest is JQ with their tatoo style aparel, however stock tshirts are not that good.
– “Losi & Dialed inc
– “None of the RC Car companies, but JTP has some cool shirts
– “None – because they don’t make any for fat guys – we need RC wear too!!
– “I would have said JQ because I still want to wear my stuff and I don’t run the car anymore and it is even getting attention outside RC, but the new S-works stuff is looking pretty dialed.

Q: How important are the following factors when purchasing a new RC Car ?
(On a scale of 1-5, 1 least important, 5 most important)

Q: Which company’s car do you think is the best overall ?

Q: Which company’s car do you think is the most popular worldwide ?