Over the weekend Euro Champ Robert Batlle headed to sunny Italy to take part in the BittyDesign contest, read his write up on the event below…

Before arrived I knew this race had a DJ, girls, party… someone could think that it is a claim but sincerely it is not. This race is one of the best I’ve ever been, why am I telling you this? Let’s see
The Track
Probably the best in Italy, it is huge (46.1 best lap) normally we drove around 47-49…. It have both styles (US & EU) there are american tables, step up and down, triples, doubles, singles, fast turns, low turns… so you can learn a lot jumping and driving so fast between these white tubes. It is hard package, high grip and there are not many bumps so it helps to be a perfect race.
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Ifmar, Efra and all federations around the world should learn something about this race to improve our rc world and maybe, who knows, tv will see it more attractive. Until Sunday everything is more or less the same, 4 rounds to count 2 bests and 5 minutes qualify but the improvement arrives on Sunday, mainly when semis are done.

This race was of 15 drivers each main so normally in a normal race we did 7 & 7 and the best time or something similar, but they didn’t. In this race first 6 of each semi bump up so we have already 12, what are we going to do with the others 3? They invented one main of 15 minutes called LCQ (last chance qualify) with all drivers of semis who are not in the main final so the top three will bump up directly so these drivers who had problems during the semi now are able to go into the main and we will have the best final we can enjoy! But they are not so happy doing only this improvement so after this LCQ we made a superpole which have a similar format of the F1 qualify, three heats of 5 minutes where you take the best overall lap of each driver and after this the last 5 drivers go out so you will have another 5 minutes heat of 10 drivers to finish with the third heat of 5 drivers and get the TQ for the final and the trophy was a walk with a Ferrari F430 scuderia spyder, yellow and black wheels limited 16 constructors championship edition and a crazy driver on it who made me madness driving, in a 80 km/h road, around 280….incredible! this superpole made the grid for the finals which were two of 30 minutes and we took both by position.

Until I started racing more in Italy I didn’t know Italian drivers different as all of us know like Riccardo Rabitti, Perin, Ruggieri, Teghesi, Cantoni, the funniest Pellegrino….usually euro drivers (sorry if I forgot someone), but this country is taking care of so many super young drivers who we didn’t know YET so I’m going to present you some, all of them under 16:

The most impressive for me is Davide Ongaro who is around 10 (yes I’m not wrong), he is super young and super fast!! I hope to see him quickly in the euro’s because he will do it awesome for sure in not so much of 2 or 3 years. He is driving Kyosho/bp actually but who know where he will drive in the next seasons.

Baruffolo driving Kyosho as well, his bump up from the LCQ was incredible without one damper during the last 3 minutes!! He finished 4th, so no words to his fantastic job there, really consistence and cold blood.

Papa Kyosho too. From team Giannone (the owner of the Ferrari), I saw him in the Italian nationals, he was fast there and here as well so we should remember of him for a short future. He finished 2nd in the first main so brilliant race!

Stocco driving an orange Hot Bodies, he was fast in the nationals and here was maybe too nervous and he had some mistakes who made him finished not as good as he wanted but for sure he will be the future.

Remia with his LRP was one of the fastest younger there in this race! we will see what he is able to do on next races!!

I would like to mention one of the usually euro guys from Italy who is Andrea Pellegrino the funniest guy ever, I laughed a lot with him! He is really kind, fast and young! so we will see him for sure driving fast in not so much.

Sincerely, Italian people are reaaaally kind and I love all of them, I was like in Spain and I would like to thank all people to take care of me.

Finally the rest of this fantastic race, on Saturday bitty staff invited to all people there to a cocktail party with music, during all day there were music so the atmosphere was perfect (congrats for the DJ because the music was fantastic), the official bittycontest girl called —- (if you want to know the name you should come next year) was really kind and funny (remember how you will be if you were a girl in the middle of 200 men…..) there were some drivers who started late his semi because they were seeing I don’t know exactly at the end of the gird….
The entry was around 35 euros but they gave you a force or fighter body so finally you were driving there mainly for free.
On Sunday they made me 30 posters of my car to sign people, it was amazing I felt like a F1 driver and I think it is a good thing for the customers so maybe we should do it in all races…

I’m sure that I forget something of the race because it was awesome but I don’t remember of anything else, I hope you enjoyed it and I will see all of you in the next race!!
Finally I would like to thank all people and sponsors who believe in me even in bad moments.