After a difficult couple of days qualifying Reno Savoya’s hopes of retaining his European Championship title evaporated as a broken servo horn forced him to retire from his quarter final on Saturday at the Euros. In an interview after qualifying he was confident of his chances of bumping to the final and happy with his package, come Saturday however the Pro-Line sponsored driver opted to use the new RB tyre for his quarter final; Savoya & RB have had a close working partnership for a number of years and before his Durango move was announced a 2011 drive with the RB ‘One’ car was rumoured to be in the works.

Perhaps more noticeable than previous years was the lack of Pro-Line runners at the top of the tables; Neil Cragg the only PL driver making the top 16 after qualifying and again the only driver to use the tyres in the final. Looking back towards the end of the week results would suggest that certain brand’s tyres were working much better on the ever-changing Sand track than others’. Not only does Savoya’s winning streak coming to an end but also Pro-Line’s; winning with Reno in ’08, ’09 & 2010, their low-key European presence felt by many this year.