Pro-LineAt the Euros whilst wandering snooping around the pits collecting tyre info we spotted some unusual dots on Neil Cragg’s tyres. It turns out that this is a new compound from Pro-Line called ‘Two-Dot‘, whether it will be available for general release is as yet unknown, however team driver Neil Cragg used ‘Two-dot’ HoleShot to bump from his semi and ran ‘Two-dot’ Blockades in the final finishing 7th. Another driver who found the new compound to his liking was Joseph Quagraine, after a lacklustre qualifying performance (51st), JQ set about reversing his fortunes on Saturday as he bumped three times from the 1/16 to the semis finishing a more respectable 19th. Using ‘Two-dot’ Blockades in all 4 of his finals Joseph said that the new compound felt very good on the tricky Euros track in Sand, using the same pair of tyres in 1 practice round, 3 qualifiers and the 1/16th final with plenty of tyre left. We spoke to JQ about this new compound and he explained that it wasn’t a case of harder or softer when compared to Pro-Line’s M4,M3,M2,XTR scale, perhaps closer to the MX, MC clay electric tyres – simply put they feel hard but still have great forward bite, not too much sidebite and last a long time. Speculating a bit, the new ‘Two-dot’ may be a different kind of rubber compound not comparable to the current crop that Pro-Line have available.

Not content with only one newsworthy addition to their racing lineup, PL drivers were also running an updated version of their closed cell foam insert, modified for an increased forward bite feel as well as increased tyre life, our own Craig Drescher mentioned that Neil and himself only used the new inserts in the Blockade tyre, however we understand JQ chose not to run the closed cell, preferring to use the moulded foams. Either way keep an eye for the official release of the updated foams, perhaps a perfect marriage with the new ‘two-dot’.