With this year’s Euros in the books we take a little personal look into the highs and lows of this event from our view:

MSC sand’s hard work led by Ralf -great hosts, well run by Norbert and his team
Press room internet speed!
The kind support from TLR & Horizon
Buggy sport racing sponsored press sun shield
The rise of Jerome Aigoin
Marcel guskes’ 11 lapper
The press penthouse facility with balcony
RB’s tyre surprise
Manufacturer support & overseas interest
Ricardo monteiro helping us, Lee Martin the cameraman
Mugen 4 in a row, 5 Euro titles in total
Italian restaurant round the corner **
Seeing old friends and making new ones
Standard of refereeing was high
Being able to show the euros live. Tony’s hard work
Track prep and daily maintenance, incl fixing muddy paths v.quickly
Miguel matias at the euros. A worthy finalist if there was one after the year he has had.

Post semis controversy and confusion
Continued uncertainty & lack of clarity on additive usage.
Savoya unable to defend his title in the main
Unfriendly rude RCM magazine guy
British champion hopes fading
Tight pits and a bit smelly!
** finding that restaurant on the last day….
Some drivers not being honest with what they run