Leaving Brisbane temperature (which was around 12 degrees) and hitting the wall of heat at the KL airport, which was around 30 degrees with 100% humidity, it was a very wise idea to get to KL the weekend before the big race so that we could adjust to the heat. Not wanting to waste any time, we went straight from the airport to the track. During a quick walk of the track to check its condition and see what the best lines were likely to be, we had to down two litres of water to get rehydrated; it was so HOT in Selangor, Malaysia!

Kyle was extremely excited as the track was much like the Pattaya Worlds track, with a high level of technical sections, fast straights and lots of grip. Our first run was to get Kyle’s eye tuned into the track and get the engine tune perfected. With that done it was clear our shock settings were way too soft and certain parts of the track were extremely rough, so we decided to jump down from 1.4 pistons to 1.3 pistons using the same oils (550wt in the front and 700wt in the rear) as before. Kyle hit the track for the second time and I could see Kyle’s Team Durango DNX408 was immediately far better through the rough sections and more stable through the in-field sections. After breaking the track record on his second run I was confident that we were heading in the right direction. Kyle did the first sub-40 second lap. Read more here.