As the Euro B Championships were going on in Lyon, the French club in Reims formally announced that they will be bidding to host the 2014 IFMAR Worlds (which will be held somewhere in Europe) at their track. A club with much experience of hosting nationals and the Euros in 2005, but a track that will require a lot of investment and support if it is to be on par with the standard set in Pattaya at the 2010 IFMAR Worlds. The track itself looks to be quite similar to that of the ’05 Euros, very flat with very few and small jumps and a fast layout – a traditional one harking back to years past. With the French having hosted the ‘A’ euros in ’05, ’07 and the ‘B’ in ’04 and ’08 and now in 2011 they do have the experience, but in many peoples’ opinion the ‘B’ this year struggled to live up to standards set in previous years in other countries, despite this they have the manpower, knowledge and political clout to make it a race to remember.

The subject of ‘where the 2014 Worlds will be held’ pops up pretty often with indications that there will be many tracks from several countries bidding to host it, amongst those rumoured are Wolbling, Austria (’09 Euro host), Rhein-Main track in Germany, unknown track in Spain, unknown track in Italy, unknown track in Switzerland, possibly Guarda in Portugal and there may be more as well. One aspect which may play an underlining role in the decision process will be past hosts; out of all those listed hosts, only Switzerland and Spain have yet to host a World Championship in 1/8 Offroad. Stay tuned for further developments on this.

The Reims track at this year’s French Nationals