Last month we received the sad news of Mike Reedy’s passing, Mike asked that there be no funeral services for his passing, but rather an R/C party celebration of his life, and going along those lines we received some great material from Jamie Booth remembering Mike and the impact he had on his future career.

Jamie at the Worlds in ’87, Romsey, UK being interviewed by Mike Reedy for a video by Tony Stephenson

During the 80’s electric racing was booming the most famous RC car company was without a doubt Associated Electrics (their full name at the time) and the most famous person within Associated was Mike Reedy. Reedy was a legend in the RC magazines and I grew up as an impressionable teenager dreaming of becoming an Associated Reedy driver, much like F1 drivers dream of driving for Ferrari – such was the status at the time.

In 1985/86 (one of the two) Mike came over to a race in the UK at Chesham with Jay and Jim Halsey (Jay the current WC) and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Mike by Nick Adams of Demon products (an old friend of Mikes and the UK distributor of the time). During the race meeting myself and Steve Haynes were approached by Mike to become UK team Associated direct sponsored drivers. I remember myself and Steve were super excited to become part of this legendary team!

After a couple of years the World championships would be held at Romsey in England where I was lucky enough to do well under the helping hand of Mike (3rd in 4wd, 5th in 2wd) and after the event was generously invited by Mike to Race at the “Reedy race of champions” held at Hottrax raceway in Huntington Beach, California! During the next years I raced in the USA (visiting 17 times according to my passport!!), Japan, Europe and round the World making many new friends and ultimately that led to where I am today.

I own my own small RC company [] and there is no way that I could have started this without the contacts I was lucky enough to make during my times travelling around the World, without Mike’s help to get me off the ground on my international career I doubt I would be where I am today.
Reedy was a great guy and will be missed by many, his name is one of the biggest ever in RC..
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We found this on Youtube and recognised some faces… nice soundtrack!

Coming off the back of the rostrum at Romsey in one of the 4wd finals Pete Stevens (blue Parma Jacket in the background) Cliff Lett and myself on the steps and Joel Johnson in the foreground

Rory Cull and myself being photographed with Reedy whilst Cliff Lett “helps out” (I am not one for memorabilia really but always kept my T shirt and coat from this event, they are in my wardrobe now, though I doubt they would fit they are not for sale and the only real items I ever treasured from the past)

The after race party, Nino Athanasiou, Darron Harris, Steve Haynes and Reedy in the background, Reedy was no party animal but knew how to hang out with boys and enjoy himself.

The trophy presentation at Romsey – Reedy was also involved with Ifmar and race organisation!

Reedy asked me to keep an eye out for up and coming youngsters in the late 80’s – there was an obvious one, a cheeky lad called Craig Drescher! (he did quite well)

My good friend Drescher is very outspoken, and I owe him for the “pants round the ankles” photo that was submitted a few years back !

Pete Stevens whom we also sadly lost a couple of months ago (taken in Australia)

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