With the Alabama Manufacturer Shootout quickly approaching the organizers wanted to show you the winning layout. This was one of two layouts voted on by racers for the event. Although this is just a “basic” idea this is how it starts and you can expect to see one of the best layouts ever when showing up! This years event quickly filled up months before the event date (June 23-25) so stay tuned for more details coming in December about the 2012 Alabama Manufacturer Shootout.

This year the AMS will have Live Rc, Neo Buggy, and Xtreme RC covering the event so expect a lot of coverage. You will also see names like Ryan Maifield, Billy Easton, Taylor James, Mike Truhe, Taylor Peterson, Jesse Robbers, Andy Smolnik, Lee Martin, Tyler Vik, Tanner Denney, Alan Burton, JR Mitch, Gene Hickerson, Ryan Lutz, Ryan Lopez, Marc Rheinhard, Barry Pettit, Atsushi Hara and many more of the world’s fastest from all over attending!